The wind as source of power, did not go unnoticed by our ancestors who first devised sails even as far back as 6000 years ago. The first sailing ships made their first journeys round 3,500 BC and the use of wind power in ancient civilizations started being more and more common as centuries went by.


Renewable energy

Power of ‘W’ is an initiative to make ReNew Power a progressive and gender-just organisation for both men and women. We firmly believe in gender parity and equal opportunities for all ReNewers towards growth and excellence in career.


Diversity & Inclusion

As a part of our commitment to ensure that development reaches the bottom of the pyramid, ReNew Power had adopted a village named Paniyara, near Varanasi in 2016. This village will be developed as a model-village over a period of 3 years, ensuring that the entire population of 3000 villagers get access to electricity and education.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We human beings are the most dominant species on earth. We have time and again proved greedy to cause imbalances in our natural ecosystem. We remain so concerned about impure water, diseases, pollution, floods, traffic etc.