An Innovative Rural Community Centre For Education

Last updated on June 9, 2020

ReNew EduHub was inaugurated early this year by Mrs. Mridula Jaiswal (Mayor of Varanasi) and Mrs. Vaishali Nigam Sinha (Chief CSR, Communications & Sustainability Officer, ReNew Power).


As a part of our commitment to ensure that development reaches the bottom of the pyramid, ReNew Power had adopted a village named Paniyara, near Varanasi in 2016. This village will be developed as a model-village over a period of 3 years, ensuring that the entire population of 3000 villagers get access to electricity and education.

ReNew Edu hub is an innovative rural community centre focusing on improving education using technology for quality education for children and youth with an objective to:

  • Promote digital literacy
  • Promote rural sports talent under ReNew Scholarship for Exceptional Talent (ReSET)
  • Impart skill training to local youth
  • Community information dissemination centre

Through this centre, efforts will be made to work towards improving access to quality education for local children by offering remedial classes and computer courses. ReNew Edu Hub is a completely solar powered centre with a micro-grid installation of 9 8.5 Kwh.


For the holistic development of the village, the following initiatives are already underway:

Installation of community based solar micro-grids with a total capacity of 16.23 kW to provide electricity to 200 households, 2 government schools and 2 anganwadi centres .

Development of ‘ReNew Edu hub’ – an education centre with a career building model for children and youth

Promotion of rural talent under ReNew Scholarship for Exceptional Talent (ReSET)  Facilitation of skill training for rural youth in alignment with Skill India Mission Training and information centre for farmers.