Valuable Life Lessons Through Biking & Wildlife Photography

Last updated on July 13, 2020

I have been into nature and wildlife photography for the past 6 years now, and visiting Tiger Reserves has become my favourite pastime. In Gurgaon, I stay with my wife and two daughters. I love pets and I have a Labrador Retriever named Rocky. More than two decades of work experience across different regions has given me a lot of opportunities to know people and different cultures. During my stay in South India, I came in close contact with a wildlife photographer and there was an instant connect. Then it was only a matter of time before I picked up the gears and got into photography!

Colours have always fascinated me and my work has mostly been based on nature and wildlife, with my favorite subject being the Tiger. All my pictures have some stories and some experiences attached to them. Wildlife photography requires advanced planning as it includes traveling to various Tiger Reserves in India; the season in which you travel to the Reserve is also crucial. I believe I am learning the art of photography and that my best shot is yet to come. That gives me the push to continue photography.

I had always wanted to get into riding as well and in 2014, I got an opportunity to pick my bike in Gurgaon. I have been riding ever since. I have owned a Harley Davidson and now own a Triumph Tiger. The longest ride on my Harley Davidson was from Gurgaon to Goa, where I attended the ‘India Bike Week’. I have a group of friends with whom I ride on weekends.

The first impact of having a passion is on one’s personal life – you start appreciating things. You also get to meet like-minded people who share common interests and you start learning from them. Some of them become your mentors, which is the best part! I remember that I was taught my biggest lesson of riding by an ace rider during my ride to Goa and the Western Ghats.

I feel that we are the privileged ones to have nature in abundance and keeping it safe is in our hands. We should not rush to click pictures; sometimes, living in the moment is also exciting! Expecting the unexpected is part of being in nature.